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11 de junio de 2011

Psychonaut 4 (Post-Suicidal Black Metal De Tbilisi-Georgia)

Psychonaut 4 - Modern Suicidal Narcotic Depressive Black Metal from Georgia, Tbilissi. Band was formed in july 2010 by Graf von Baphomet (vocals) and Andre (bass). Also band members are Glixxx (guitar), Drifter (guitar) and Nepho (drums). Ex-member: Borger (drums). Lyrics of Psychonaut 4 are perfomed by Graf von Baphomet, lyrics are about drugs, sex, alcoholizm, depression, self mutilation & suicide (of course). Mostly music contributed by Andre, alsow Glixxx. Now band just released demo on Depressive Illusions Records. The name of demo is 40%(alcohol percent in vodka). Demo is available in internet shops and on labels site. Goal of the band is to ruin your&our life, so... Fuck you/us All!

Line Up:
Graf von Baphomet (Vocals)
Glixxx (Guitar)
Drifter (Guitar)
Nepho (Drums)
André (Bass)

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